Concierge Gifting

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Gourmet boxes and subscriptions make terrific personal or professional gifts that reflect distinctive taste. 

All of our products, gourmet boxes, and duration-based subscriptions are available as gifts, or we can craft something unique and memorable for you and your brand as well.

If you are short on time, select from our standard gourmet boxes or gift subscriptions - just add the From, To, Recipient Email, and Message for each when you add them to cart.

Contact us here to produce and ship Fuudi gifts directly to your remote employees, customers, or prospects. We can work together to design the boxes right for you, you get us names and email addresses, and we'll take care of the rest - by contacting clients to let them know your gift is waiting and requesting their preferred shipping arrangements. No need to ask them directly if they are going to be in the office or for their personal information. Customized notes or non-fuudi items may be included in their box as well!


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Thank you for preparing such lovely gifts for my friends and for putting together such a beautiful, (and branded!!) box for my clients. I can't wait to collaborate with you again!

Randi W.